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9 Easy Ideas For a Rewarding ‘Self-care Sunday’ To Help You Recharge For The New Week
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9 Easy Ideas For a Rewarding ‘Self-care Sunday’ To Help You Recharge For The New Week

We might not all agree with the term self-care, but regularly making time to de-stress, relax, unwind, and take care of your mental health is important.

Although it’s fine to practise self-care on every given day of the week, sticking to a self-care schedule is a good way to keep on top of things – which is where the idea of self-care Sunday comes in.

Using Sunday as a time to relax and refresh has proven to be very beneficial. Not only can it make you feel less anxious on Sunday evenings, but it will also help you sleep better. It will also help you feel more optimistic and on top of things as the week progresses. There is nothing better than dedicating some time to yourself at the end of the week – and before diving right into the next one. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of some self-care Sunday’ ideas to help you unwind at the end of a week. Why not try one (or more) of these ideas this weekend to help you prepare for the week ahead.

1.Tidy up your space

Declutter! Cleaning up and organizing your space might not be the most glamorous form of self-care, but there’s something extremely rewarding and calming about it. Throw out what you no longer need and make what you do easily accessible.

Set yourself up for a successful week by keeping your affairs in order and removing one item from your to-do list.

2. Make a week’s worth of to-do list

When you find yourself thinking about the coming week, take a moment and try writing it all down. This might not be the most extravagant type of self-care, but it’s extremely effective: writing down everything you need to remember helps to clear your mind and give you a sense of control. Make sure to prioritize your to-do list by placing important and urgent things first.

3. Make your skin feel extra special

The struggle against dry skin and damaged hair seems never-ending, and there’s no better day than Sunday to take a nice calming bath on a (hopefully) quiet and peaceful afternoon. It’s also pretty crucial to make a concerted effort to take care of your hygiene.  Try giving yourself a facial massage, doing a deep cleanse facial, or simply apply a few additional products (i.e. destressing serum), taking time to nourish your skin and concentrating on the process at hand will help encourage self-awareness and live in the moment. Fully moisturize your body, don’t forget your hands and feet.

4.Try some light exercises

Even if you don’t feel like doing an entire HIIT workout on a Sunday, make time for some light exercise, such as stretches or yoga, or even go for a walk, this will help to relieve some physical stress you’ve been keeping in your body from sitting behind a desk all week.

5.Journal it!

Whether you journal regularly or not, the first thing in the morning is the ideal time to do so.

Writing down all your emotions, both positive and negative. This is a perfect way to get the things that have been bothering you off your chest, and an even better way to just let go of some negative emotions. Writing will also help you develop the necessary communication and thinking skills so that you can improve your ability to articulate and refine your ideas to others and yourself.

6.Swap your cup of coffee for a relaxing cup of tea

Our mornings are normally rushed during the week, which is another reason why Sundays are the ideal time to rest, relax, and enjoy your favourite morning beverage. Enjoying a calming cup of tea will also contribute to your self-care on Sundays, which will be extra leisurely. You could also opt for some infused water, Lemon water is exceptionally good for flushing toxins out of your body.

7.Reflect and Practise Gratitude

Feeling anxious about the upcoming week makes it all too easy for your mind to be overwhelmed by thoughts about what’s to come.

To counter this, take a look back at the previous week and focus on the positive aspects – all that you accomplished and that you are grateful for.

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As humans, we tend to focus on the negative, so cultivating gratitude is not only a wonderful way to reframe the mindset and concentrate on the positive, but it has also been shown to improve mood and sleep.

8. Light a candle

Light a soothing candle to end your week with a dose of calm and tranquillity, setting the perfect ambience for an evening of binge-watching your favourite Netflix show, meditating, listening to your favourite podcast or even reading an inspiring book. You could also burn essential oils (lavender, rose, lemon, lime, and orange) or essence sticks.

9. Go to bed early

If you work longer hours than normal during the week, it will undoubtedly put a strain on your mind and body, resulting in burnout. Since burnout is always the product of ignoring and neglecting your personal needs, getting enough sleep is the most effective treatment.

Sleep is sacred, so try to avoid watching TV shows as the evening progresses and go to bed earlier than normal. The amount of sleep you get has a significant effect on your psychological well-being and immune system, so going to bed early on Sunday will allow your body and mind to relax before Monday morning. Start the week with a calm vibe, when you’re well-rested, you will be less likely to have a rushed morning

Self-care is essential to creating and living the life we want and loving it. There’s no way to go wrong with it. Keep your routine lighthearted and easy, remember, the aim is to feel good. Whether you want to spend your Sundays lounging and watching Netflix. You may want to declutter your room and make a weekly to-do list on another Sunday. So go ahead, have fun with it, you’ve earned it!

Written by: Atwelukye Mkusa

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