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An astonishing site for Moms
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An astonishing site for Moms
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An astonishing site for Moms

Another exciting site has hit the cyberspace, the ‘Mothers and Business’ (M&B).
M&B is an initiative aimed to educate and engage mothers, including future mothers who have careers.  It assembles women who are mothers and involved in business and/or professionals in various fields of industry.

The M&B site is founded by Tjuna Kauapirura, who found the opportunity to bring women together in an environment that fosters personal growth, promotes intimate conversations and creates learning and networking opportunities for mothers and their various proficiencies.

Tjuna Kauapirura is a mother, businesswoman and actress and she saw a need for a platform where mothers can come together to discuss various hardships and share information on being a mother and a professional. According to her, the purpose of this movement is to provide mothers with a platform where they can engage each other, share skills and mobilize each other. She says she saw a need to create a community of mothers from all spheres of life to share, network and learn from each other.

The aspiring, mother of 2 boys, created an environment where many events and experiences can be shared and discussed, to help mothers cope and most probably try and apply some shared advice, in their daily lives. Discussions may include post-depressions, managing a job and also relationships, just to mention a few.

She says, the platform gives mothers a competitive advantage and opportunities that could impact theirs lives and this is through networks, programs and affiliates such as offering members bursaries , job opportunities and skills transfer via the website.

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With a team of well-known personalities, the great advice shared is enlightening and could be appreciated. Ilke Platt, of Poiyah Media is one of the mothers who made contributions to M&B. She says the whole idea will enable mothers to gain first-hand experience from women that have been through juggling their businesses and family and also get some insights and tips to avoid challenges that have been faced by other mothers as well as to help mothers work on preventative measures. “From a PR, mother and entrepreneur point of view, we have given tips just to at least help mother’s especially when it comes to marketing themselves and brand positioning themselves.” She added.

 Ilke Platt is a well-known TV presenter from TV programs such as Tutaleni, aired on the Namibian Broadcasting Television (NBC). With her Public relations communications skills, they also give various tips on how women can transition themselves from corporate to running their business, which is one of the aspects they focus on.

To access the website and get more detailed information and advice, mothers are to register first, to enable them to get quick updates and also an opportunity to engage and share ideas on the site.

  • By Talishi Werner (SYM intern)
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