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Best Winter Make-Up Tips For Glowing Skin
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Coffee Conversation with Anita

Best Winter Make-Up Tips For Glowing Skin

Self-taught makeup artist and final year education student Lydia Carita Matheus unmasks make-up tricks for winter.

Flaky and dry skin seems to be the norm every winter, betraying us by drawing attention to how winter ransacks our skin. This, however; does not need to be the case anymore as we have make-up that allows our skin to accommodate the cold drying air. With that said, let’s get straight to the tips disclosed by the professional make-up artist in the sense of winter:

  • Always Moisturize Your Skin

One of the most important tips for healthy glowing skin is providing your skin with as much moisture as possible. Not only does it prevent premature ageing, but it also enables your makeup to look like it’s applied on a smooth canvas and it will look clean and glowy.

  • Avoid Powdery Products

Avoid using too many powdery products because, during winter, your skin is very dry. Applying too much powder is guaranteed to make your makeup look dull and cakey. The powder will dry out your skin even further which might promote premature ageing over the years. Reach for very minimal powder and avoid baking under your eyes as well, rather set them.

  • Add A Facial Mist To Your Routine

Carry a facial mist to spritz all over your face when you feel your skin is cracking or you feel your face is itching. This is very essential especially for people who have dry skin. This is guaranteed to keep your makeup glowing all day, and it will provide the necessary moisture to your skin.

  • Cleanse Your Skin Properly

Remove your makeup before bed and don’t forget to cleanse your skin properly. Skin needs to be taken care of before makeup is applied. A beautiful skin canvas guarantees beautiful and flawless makeup. It is of utmost importance to make sure that you leave no trace of makeup on your skin when you go to bed. The best way to make sure of this is to wash your face with a facial cleanser and follow up with a cotton pad that has a dab of micellar water on it. Micellar water gently cleanses your skin while providing your skin with excessive moisture and stripping away any trace of makeup.

  • Stay Away From Dry Products And Never Stop Moisturizing

During winter, reach for more moisturizing products instead of mattes as they will provide your skin with extra moisture, resulting in glowing and dewy, healthy-looking, flawless makeup.

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For more make-up tips follow Lydia Carita Matheus “Beauty By Carita” on Instagram @beauty_by_carita as well as on Facebook @beauty by Carita.

Written By. Claudia Diana Indileni Nandumbu

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