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Coffee Conversation with Anita
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Coffee Conversation with Anita
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Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
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Coffee Conversation with Anita

Coffee Conversation with Anita


The loudest voice I hear first is my own. The voice inside of me…self-talking….. So quiet, but so powerful. Self-talk is a real deal. Self-talk is something I do naturally throughout my waking hours. It is a form of neuro-linguistic programming. Because of its repetitive nature, it has the potential to mould and sculpt our consciousness.

Our enemy is a destroyer. He likes to bring lies in from early childhood and then convince us that these false beliefs are our truth. The only thing true about us is what God, the Knitter, Knower, Designer, Creator, says about us. Can we differentiate these two voices? One brings life and the other brings death, usually a slow burdensome death.  I have realized that our thoughts bubble out into our words. Then we hear our “self” speak about our “self.” What we speak often becomes our reality. If we think/say that we are dumb, stupid or fat we likely live a life behaving exactly as we speak. What if you and I agreed with our Creator and called ourselves fearfully and wonderfully made? A masterpiece? A daughter or son of The King? Would you live differently? When you think differently, you live differently. Changing the way, you think changes your perspective which changes what you say and how you act in the world.

Negative self-talk:

 I’m becoming aware of the effects of my inner critic; how negative self-talk is real. Negative self-talk use to influence my self-esteem, my outlook on life, my energy levels, my relationships, and even my health. So, I started taking note of my negative self-talk, and intentionally interrupted myself, replacing negative self-talk with positive ones.

Positive self-talk:

I’m becoming more aware that a positive self-talk is a powerful tool for increasing my self-confidence and curbing negative emotions. It is a phenomenal strategy for change. Positive words are good for my health as they are helping boost my confidence, improve my mood, eliminating stress and improving my well-being. People who mastered positive self-talk are thought to be more confident, motivated, and productive. Since God created us for life and life abundantly. Does my self-talk align with His plan and Words over me? Hmm……..

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Friend, it’s time to silence that negative voice in your head and speak life and truth into your life. Your self-talk matters. Pay attention. More often than not, it is so routine to speak negatively about ourselves and to ourselves that we are completely unaware that we are doing it. I wonder if, for the next twenty-four hours, you would take the time to pay attention to your thoughts and also take notice of how you speak about yourself? Commit to eliminating negative self-talk. Then align your thoughts and words with His power-filled truths.

With Love,

Anita Feresiano

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