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Coffee Conversation with Anita
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Coffee Conversation with Anita
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Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
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Coffee Conversation with Anita

Coffee Conversation with Anita

What I want in a Relationship…

When people talk about the glam & glitter of being in a relationship there’s really no manual to what we as individuals expect in a relationship and I believe this is where I made so many mistakes, for some reason were always blamed by the man who in the past years I encountered to be my partner and in the process of us getting to know each other, they would here & there throw in a couple of pointers of how they want their “woman/girlfriend, baby” to respond or be in a relationship with them and me being me, I gladly would always go with the flow and do what they say, well F…. that I’m not that naïve 20-year-old missy that followed a men’s rule to be ‘The Perfect Girlfriend’ sorry but the tables have changed and being single for two years has taught me so much of the DO’s and DON’T’s I want from a man and guess what I’m not in any way going to compromise or settle for mediocre love. For I know what I bring to the table and I am god-damn worthy and deserving of the love I seek.

I Am honestly tired of half as weak relationships. That is a “non-relationship” relationship, situ. I want a real, genuine, raw, love Relationship. I want Consistency and Commitment, not someone who’s going to keep up a routine for about a month or so, I want to be able to go about my day carefree and not have to worry if you’re entertaining someone in a way you know damn well, you’d get upset if I did the same. I want Consideration I want you to think about me throughout the day, Respect Me and keep in mind how your actions might affect me, and Us as a Whole. If you’re busy all day that’s fine, but just try and let me know so I’m not sitting up having my mind travel to unconventional places.

I want Growth. The point of a relationship I believe is to learn, Expand and Grow from it so we can create a true bond with one another. I want to be able to build something great that’s not all just for show. I want Communication and Maturity. I want Us to feel comfortable talking to each other so that if there is ever an issue or problem there won’t be any Hesitance to open up with each other. I want Us to be able to Confide in each other and say things that we’ve never admitted out loud. I want to have a strong level of Trust & Honesty. I don’t want to have to doubt your Intentions or Your Motives, I want to be able to tell and show you things that others don’t have access to without regret. I want to be comfortable to my core with you.

I want Us to work our asses off, get this money and go on vacation together. I want Laughter, Effort, and Unforgettable times, Phenomenal sex & even better Conversation. I want to be Claimed and Shown off, not by Social Media but by You. I want to be Appreciated and Celebrated. I want Thoughtfulness & Passion. I want the Love between Us to beam and radiate so strong that it’s Undeniable. I want this to be Mutual. I want LOVE. Not Lust, not a situationship, not “IDK, what we are but your mines.” I want LOVE. So, if you Cannot and are not willing to put in the work to create that with me, then please leave me the F Alone✌…!

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With Love,

Anita Feresiano

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