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Glam up with Envee Beauty

The Namibian entertainment industry is brimmed with many young creatives that are determined to break new ground and create a name for them every now and then. These young motivated ingenuity range from; and not limited to, poets, authors, musicians, rappers, fashion designers and make-up artists.  Simply You Magazine had a little chat with an aspiring young “self-taught” Make-Up Artist (MUA) who has drawn her inspiration from friends and her love for fashion. Anna-Lisa Ndeshi Vatuva, a 24-year old MUA describes her-self as a short and bubbly happy person who is fascinated by everything that shouts „fashion‟. Alongside her love for fashion which includes make up, she too enjoys dancing. As bubbly as she may appear to be and how well she connects with different people, she has a personality that is easily irritated. 

Her biggest motivation in her self-created career came about when she moved from her home town, Rundu, which is a very small town, into the big city of bright lights, Windhoek. She had moved to Windhoek because she needed to further her studies at a higher institution, but along the way, she got inspired by the different lifestyle which she was not familiar with before. She draws inspiration from the city girls who as she explains that, “they looked really nice, they had their make-up done too” and that alone put a little pressure, in a positive way, that she too needed to look the same as they did.  

Instead of enrolling herself in a short grooming course that most MUAs have taken, she spent most of her time learning how to do make-up on YouTube. From that action alone, one can easily conclude that Ndeshi is someone who is very passionate about fashion and make-up and is willing to learn new skill to proclaim her position in the currently tight-up industry. 

At first, it was more of just a hobby and passion, but she later got into the actual business industry which then dates back to about five years ago. Doing make-up on different people is a learning process for her every day because of the fact that different people have different facial features. Although she has finally completed her studies, she remembers that being a student and make-up artist at the same time was not a challenge because her timetable was most flexible and that she got most of her clients during weekends. 

Ndeshi explains that she sees beauty in working with different people. Other than that, she says that working with different people, instead of always working with dark skinned people per say, reflects that she is diverse with her clients and that is how she mostly got clients because of that openness to everyone no matter the skin tone or type. 

Besides being in the industry for about five years already, she says that the next couple of years can only get better as she visions her future to be bigger than herself. She is motivated and determined to make the most out of what her skilful hands can create. She envisions owning an academy that creates job opportunities for people and for that, she is grateful and has no regret for the journey she has taken. Everything is possible and achievable if one puts their mind to it. She aims for the stars as the sky is the limit and she is excited for what comes up in the next five years. 

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She urges women and everybody in general to set their mind to something and just start. People should not be afraid of the unknown. They should not fear failure without even attempting. Perfection is not a thing so one must always practice more to better themselves and their skills. 

In conclusion, she has grown a thick skin towards competition and what people think. This is because everyone is different. She has survived the industry because of her punctuality, loyalty and mostly honesty. With the unpleasant economy condition which our country has been facing in the past years, Ndeshi says she is not moved by it. Events happen every day and every season, and every now and then people will still pay to look good to capture those memories. She couldn’t have been more grateful about what her hands can do for her. 

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