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Good food, Great Feelings.
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Good food, Great Feelings.

Food is Directly linked to how you feel as an individual. To remain driven and in a positive spirit, great food is essential to ensure you feel that way. Comfort foods, such as stews, pastas and other hearty meals are great to get you feeling all fuzzy and loved up. Of course this then helps your brain relax and feel well, comforted.

Food Tips to feeling great.

  1. Eat food you enjoy often, not the junk stuff but the good wholesome meals.
  2. Do not over eat. Always leave yourself satisfied but not over stuffed. Your body should slightly want some more (leave space for dessert).
  3. Eat across the table. Add greens and proteins as well as the good carbs to your plate and enjoy every moment.
  4. Good food and good company are an unmatched combination. Enjoy your favorite foods, with your favorite people.
  5. Do not over salt your your food. Too much salt can dehydrate you, making you feel miserable.
  6. Finish off with dessert, especially anything with chocolate. Chocolate helps release endorphins into your blood stream for increased concentration and alertness.
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