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Glam guru Hannah Nangula graduated with a Diploma in Fashion Designing after 3 years at College Of The Arts ( COTA ) before venturing further onto her favorite subject – Make-up. She installs luxurious lashes, micro blading and she also provides full on training for individuals that are keen on pursuing a career in make-up. She is a firm believer in endless growth, “You always have to be in the loop and up to date on all the latest trends. You cannot give out training and not be trained yourself.” Hanna Said. There is quality in her teachings mainly because she strives to never stop learning.  She maintains that God gave her all the tools that she needed to hone her skill further from a business angle and continue effortlessly investing in her education and growth. When asked if she has a number one most memorable moment / client, she immediately stressed that every single client is absolutely on the same level, regardless of their social status. “What matters the most to me is if my client is HAPPY. All my clients are number one therefore, every look has been memorable for me.” Her hustle & dedication has gained her brand a huge following from various parts of the world as she is constantly in and out of the country.

Hannah is undoubtedly always on her ‘A’ game. She has a strict set of requirements from her clients to ensure that she protects her brand & makes her clients receive the glamorous look that they deserve simultaneously. She is a perfectionist and insists that she could never provide a half done service on her clients.

“I can only work with you if you require lashes with the look. Also, your hair has got to match your look so I can’t work on you if it’s not presentable.”

Her sole challenge is getting certain products (we can only imagine how stressful getting high end products must be) but apart from that, Hannah runs her kink-less brand thoroughly going a step further to advising customers that wants a certain look that would not compliment their unique facial features. “The shape of your eyes, your face and etc. require a certain look. You cannot want a smokey eye if you have small eyes, it just won’t work. I always make sure I guide my customer accordingly.” She always does a better job than her last job, proving that she is determined to better her job no matter how people review her five star services.

Now you must be thinking, “this certified bosslady has to be her own inspiration’’ right? Interestingly enough, she adores a certain woman based in the United Kingdom and hopes to one day achieve all the things that she has done on her own scale.

Forever on her phone attending to clients and her business, in her spare time (the very little that she possesses) She chooses to spend time with her son and her husband preferably indoors.

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Her golden message to all the young women that look up to her is: “Never lose focus, invest in your dream, pay what you need to pay to better your skills. Don’t settle for being a regular YouTube makeup tutorial girl.

If you need to go out and get it, then do that! Always remember that your competition is your client ONLY.”

We celebrate Hannah’s accomplishments and may she continue to inspire others by consistently molding her inner most desires into something special & unbreakable. She remains a testament that opportunities are bound to crop up when you keep sowing the seeds of hard work.

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