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Her heart beats for “The Collective Boutique”

Nikita, the owner and founder of ‘The Collective Boutique Namibia’, says each and every garment in her shop is perceived as an art piece created by a combination of imagination and experiences of the designer. 

Nikita searches endlessly for elegant, sophisticated and timeless pieces by various designers that will contribute to the unique style of every individual woman. She focuses on catering for women of all shapes and sizes and hopes to build self-love and confidence through the collection.

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What inspired her to start The Collective Boutique you may ask? Nikita said, “The appreciation, inspiration and love for authentic women and their figures, creativity of small-scale designers and the appreciation of quality fabrics gave birth to this distinctive designer boutique.”

Nikita is a born and bred Namibian, and was raised by an entrepreneurial family. She completed matric at Windhoek Gymnasium and studied towards a Bachelor of Arts at the Stellenbosch University.

Thereafter she completed her Honours Degree in Psychology at South African Collage of Applied Psychology. Five years later, Nikita returned to Windhoek, Namibia.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to start a business within the fashion industry. It has been a combination of factors that led her to this undiscovered passion.

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Traveling had a big impact on her as seeing and appreciating the creativity as well as the different fashion trends around the world inspired her a great deal. Traveling also taught her that what a person wears tells a story about who they are. Nikita is a registered psychological counsellor and working within the field for a few years, she worked with women from many walks of life.

“One thing has always been prominent among all women – body types and figures,” says Nikita.

According to her, society burned a picture into our mind about how the “ideal woman” should look like. However, this picture has a major impact on the self-confidence and self-love of women who do not hit the bar. It is for this reason that ‘The Collective Boutique’ focusses on catering for women of all shapes and sizes and hope to build self-love and confidence. As the story goes, Cinderella is proof that a new outfit can change your life..

Nikita always had a love for fashion and a good feel for quality fabrics. During the time she resided in South Africa, she was surrounded with the creative atmosphere of small designers and boutique shops. When she returned to Windhoek, she noticed the lack and so ‘The Collective Boutique’ was moulded into the brand it is today.

Nikita also has interest in various other fields such as psychology such as being a member of Sanga Tours and Safaris and owner of La Romantique Flying Dresses.

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The Collective Boutique Namibia

‘The Collective Boutique’ started off as ‘Scarlet Collective’ in 2017 and was refined to become what it is known as. A year and a half later, boutique opened its doors in Swakopmund was established in July 2019.

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The Collective Boutique collaborates with various local and international artists and designers to showcase their work within the boutiques.

“Each season, every designer launches a collection relevant to that specific season which includes new styles and fabrics,” said Nikita.

They purchase the items from the designer on a wholesale basis, import it to Namibia, and resell the items in their boutiques.

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According to Nikita, clients will find their clothes to be pricier than clothing and accessories purchased from a chain store.

The reason for this is firstly, they purchase from small scale designers. Thus, their collections are exclusive. Secondly, they believe in selling sustainable, high quality and stylish garments and accessories which will last many years instead of items which only last a few washes or go out of fashion as seasons change.

Story of the ‘Fenn Collection’

Photo: Contributed

Natalie, the founder of Fenn Collection, grew up in South Africa in the wine and publishing industries within her family businesses.

She was always searching for the perfect bag. After going through multiple baby bags with her firstborn, Tyler, she realised quickly that the baby bags on the market had little to offer style-wise and being Good Taste Magazine’s Publisher there was no way Natalie would compromise on style, functionality or durability. 

During an exclusive interview with SYM, Natalie mentioned that, one evening (heavily pregnant), working late with her creative team, she spoke of her vision of the perfect “mom” bag. But after much deliberation, it wasn’t just a “mom” bag, it was a bag that would solve each problem known to womankind. 

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Most bags are either stand out or functional. Very few bags are both. Larger and more durable bags were something that was needed in the market let alone just for baby bags. After a lot of conceptualizing Natalie wanted a bag that was stylish, fun, functional and durable. “Isn’t that what every woman is looking for around the globe?” asked Natalie.

In 2014, Natalie had a daughter, Fenn. The birth of Fenn was not just the birth of her second child but the birth of a whole new chapter in life – Fenn Collection. Supplying feminine and strong women across the globe, accessories that are stylish, fun, functional, affordable and durable.

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After over a year of development, the Original Fenn was launched in Cape Town, South Africa. The brand and style accepted with an open arm amongst some of South Africa’s boutiques. The bags are produced with a vinyl exterior and spacious, removable canvas-lined interior. Currently, the Fenn Collection range is available in South Africa, Mauritius, Namibia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and have recently entered the US, UK and Asia markets. 

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Flamingo Skirt to Green Leave skirt

Glare means to reflect light. The light we receive from Christ must be radiated, said Izet. Her husband already registered the trademark in 2002 with the vision of making a difference. While in university, he made t-shirts and jerseys and sold it to students. She revived the name in 2017.

According to Izet, women should not be afraid to make a difference. Her mother is a fashion designer and her passion for the industry was contagious. Strong women inspire Izet. To her, any woman can look the world in the eye with confidence when she looks and feels good.

In today’s hectic life it is easy to lose yourself in the process. Glare’s vision is to make every woman feel comfortable in her own body and to bring out her gentle and feminine side. Glare gives back what the world is trying to take from every woman.

Photo: Contributed

Izet believes that with the right clothes and colours every woman can radiate their beauty to the world. Her garments are feminine, cheerful and fun, and is designed to show off all the best parts of an African woman, regardless of skin colour.

The Green Leave Pleated Skirt can be worn in various ways. You can dress it up with a wrap top and a stylish wedge or stiletto, or it can be dressed down with a plain t-shirt and sandals or sneakers. This skirt is very versatile and can be worn during the winter with a boot and a leather jacket for an edgy look.

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Where to find “The Collective Boutique Namibia”

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The Collective Boutique Windhoek: Shop 10, Elysium Fields, 40 Berg Street, Klein Windhoek – 0814230825

The Collective Boutique Swakopmund: Shop 1B, Bonus Markplatz, 33 Sam Nujoma Avenue – 0814502754

We also have an online shop were clients can purchase our collection and have it delivered to them – https://thecollectiveboutiquenamibia.com/

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