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Hope for a New Hobby💡
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Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
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Hope for a New Hobby💡
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Coffee Conversation with Anita

Hope for a New Hobby💡

Mental Health challenges such as anxiety and insecurities exacerbated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are WILD. It’s a combination of unresolved confusion and there are also quite a lot of feelings of uncertainty floating around, making many of us question our interests, our next steps and even worse, our capabilities.

All these constant lockdowns and COVID-19 regulations have put us in positions of feeling pressured to find something to devour our ample time with. The trouble of finding an interest is rooted in the sudden shift in our lives which has left this void or chasm. We find ourselves longing for something to occupy the time but apprehensive about what exactly to do next. Finding a hobby can be hard, especially now, but here are some of the few technics that have proven to set some direction and can be used to find a hobby in these difficult times:

  1. Figure out your ‘WHY’.

Sometimes, it is not really about finding a hobby; it is about the motive behind finding a hobby. It is important to learn and understand why you are looking for a hobby. Understanding your motive can make it much easier to find a suitable interest. For example, if you are looking for an interest to help you improve a certain part of your life, then the hobby will be aligned with what you want. I, for instance, needed to improve my writing so I made reading a hobby; I used it to enrich my knowledge in creative writing. Other times, it could be that you want to use the hobby as a coping mechanism so you choose something that helps you relax or helps you forget about a bad day. Have a sit down with yourself and ask why you need the hobby; it will greatly help.

2. Swing to your childhood interests.

One thing I liked about being a child is the fact that it was very easy to pick up a habit and stick to it. It is a common thing, and that is why there is a high chance that your ideal hobby might be rooted in your childhood memories. Many times, growing older and being faced with a lot of responsibilities makes us pay less attention to what we loved as kids, and eventually forgetting about it. So, think back and reflect on what used to brighten your childhood up. Also, living as a child was so carefree and focused, there is no doubt that your one suitable hobby could be lying around in your childhood memories.

Drawing and gardening, playing guitar and knitting vector, a hobbies of people at home.

3. Pay attention to your latest interest.

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It might seem like much of a cliché, but many of us pay little attention to the things we are interested in. We just constantly do certain stuff but miss out on the chance to think it might be the type of hobby you want. Pay attention to what you love having around, the things you love buying or simply staring at. Pay close attention to the things that capture your attention, at the most unexpected times. You will be surprised to see that your ideal hobby was right under your nose.

Written by: Lelly Karen Amunyela

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