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In style With Carlito Rodriguese

While fashion is over quickly, depending on the season, style is forever. Carlito Rodriguese is one of those style stars we can keep our eyes on.

Simply You caught up with Rodriguese to find out what his style is all about.

How would you describe your style?

Sexy but clean, very clean. I like to work with colour and the energy and mood I’m in that day.

What inspires your style?

Usually I like to go for looks that are very comfortable. I try my best to look clean with whatever I wear.

I like Asap Rocky. His style and accessories. Experimenting with black nail polish and any kind of nail art is very aesthetically pleasing so I like to do that.

What is your everyday go-to outfit?

I’m a boot guy, but I’d wear anything Nike. Nike sneakers, sweatpants or joggers. I usually like to wear boots though, that’s why winter is my favourite season. I really start dressing up in that season.

Where is your favourite place to shop?

Zara men and Superbalist are my favorites. Cotton on was a favorite but it’s a small city and you’ll keep seeing people in the same clothes you have, so I try not to do that anymore.

I always find good denims from H&M.

Zara has great boots, but you can also get good quality leather boots from Markhams.

If you budget properly, the best place to get a pair of boots would be Aldo, even though they can be a little pricey, the quality is always top tier.

Must haves in your closet?

Before anything else, Nike! Nike joggers, sweatpants, etc.

Turtlenecks are perfect for so many occasions like a date night.

A good denim jacket.

What’s in your bag most of the time?

I ussually carry a wallet only with my cards and a lip balm in my pocket. But if I have a fanny pack or bag, I carry the essentials which are my money, lip balm, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and a hairbrush.

Tell us about accessorising.

I’m an earring guy. I used to like diamond studs but these days I’m gravitating towards hoops and small black studs. I wear them on one side or both sides, depends on how I’m feeling.

I’m also trying to wear more rings, usually I wear one on my middle finger.

Necklaces don’t always go with everything, you must make sure you dress them properly or it won’t look good. I think a single sliver chain always looks good.

If you can pull off a summer look with sunglasses, then go for it. But guys always must remember to work with colours that are good for their faces. Neutral colours like black and white are perfect.

I like wearing bracelets, and I am saving up for good accessories from a place like Liberal Apparel. If you are not a watch guy you could add a bracelet to your fit, and if you are looking to add more to your watch a nice and simple bracelet works too.

Headgear like caps, come in handy when you don’t have a fresh cut, but they look good either way. I’m not the biggest fan of straight-caps and we always must be careful with bucket hats; they should never be too big.

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What are the basic clothing hassles

Male pants sizes are always a problem, they are always either too long or too short. However, Ravenda Posh always gets the sizing right, and they have good plain t-shirts for good prices.

A guy could go to Cotton On and buy three plain black or white shirts, whereas one can just gone to Pep and buy the same shirts but way cheaper. Because these shirts don’t necessarily last too long anyway, I think it’s better to buy them cheaper. Mr. Price also has some good plain round neck shirts.

What are some tips on keeping yourself looking good and clean

Beard. If you have a beard there is so much you could do with your hair because a beard makes everything look good. Any haircut you do looks proper.  

If you cut your facial hair or are prone to getting acne from cutting it then I suggest you get a short brush cut. It always looks good and its easy to maintain.

High fades are a lot of maintenance, but they aren’t as demanding as braids/ dreadlocks or waves.

Waves require you to brush every day and braids need to be retouched every month and the same with dreads.

Waves are a journey, you have to invest in brushes, conditioners and durags. You also need to be consistent especially during the stages of trying to get the pattern going.

I always liked keeping my nails short and I recently started getting them professionally done. Once you start, you’ll like how nice it is to treat yourself a little. It’s also way cheaper for men to do their nails compared to women so I suggest the guys go for it. No long pinkie nails, and even though to each his own, short and clean is the way to go.

Body hair is based on how the individual wants it, but personally I like to keep my upper body shaved. I heard waxing is a good alternative, but I am yet to try it out.

Why do you think it is important to know your style?

In general, I think it’s very important to know yourself. If you wear what other people wear, then you are not really expressing yourself. When people started asking me about the clothes I wear, saying its sort of revealing sometimes, I tell them this is what I feel comfortable in and what makes me feel like myself. I dress based on my mood and the energy at the time. I think its healthier for everyone to do the same.

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