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Making The Perfect Smoothie with Nutritionist Musolo Mwila

Fitness enthusiast Musolo Mwila is currently a boxing and fitness coach here in Namibia. He has worked with over 300 clients from 3-year-olds to teenagers to varsity students and the working class. “I have been in many places in my life. Originally I’m Zambian, I have stayed 12 years in Washington state, USA and came to Namibia as a student at the University of Namibia studying Business Administration” says, Mwila. So keep reading as he shares with us the basics of making the perfect smoothie and its benefits.

Smoothies have become one of today’s biggest food trends. Green smoothies which include green veggies, fruits, and add-ins, have become popular with both fitness enthusiasts and everyday people. Besides smoothies being quick and easy to make, they further include protein powder, yoghurt, vitamins, even minerals depending on what you prefer or think is nutritious altering your health needs and taste.

“My first step into the nutrition scene was by creating smoothies for my clients”, says Mwila.  There are many benefits to drinking smoothies such as speedy preparation, an abundance of nutrients in a small serving, low calorie counts, freedom to experiment with different ingredients, and a quick on-the-go meal with little to no mess…and for those who hate eating vegetables it’s a way to add a twist to eating your greens!

You can drink a smoothie at any time and on any day! The key is in what ingredients you use and what goal you are trying to achieve.

Some examples are:

1. Replacing a meal with a protein smoothie to keep calories low and lose weight.

2. Drinking a smoothie after a meal or workout to gain weight or muscle mass

3. Combining nutritious fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system.

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One of the ingredients to a perfect smoothie includes spinach, apples, vanilla protein, strawberries, bananas, lemons, plums, organic juices, and coconut milk! The rest is up to you to decide and blend! Remember it’s your smoothie so “be creative”.

In a nutshell, the perfect smoothie is subjective to one’s taste however too much banana will ruin the whole thing! The most important ingredient to put in any smoothie is spinach! “Why? Because I love my greens! If you have ever watched the pop-eye cartoon you know what I’m talking about!”, exclaims Mwila.

For more fitness tips do follow Musulo Mwila on his Instagram page @musmonopoly

Written By:Claudia Diana Indileni Nandumbu

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