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Pius Iikwambi | A Trooper Of Note

You are often not to be blamed for the unfortunate/default situations that you find yourself in. Regardless of your circumstances, your greatest potential and the execution of it will surely pull you through. There will always be a way for your life to be different.

By observing the way Pius speaks, you would be certain that he probably wanted to be a lawyer from his diaper days but on the contrary, he had other plans.

“I actually wanted to be a chartered accountant when I was in High School but somehow I ended up hating anything that had to do with numbers. I started following the current affairs and just like that, I wanted to be an advocate for the people so I applied for law school, immediately after high school.”


Okahao-Born Pius Iikwambi has lived a life that most of us read about in autobiographies or on the internet. Acknowledging everyone that has played a crucial part in his upbringing, Pius gives the most credit to his grandmother who instilled the importance of education in his mind by making sure that he was in kindergarten at all times.

She would even go as far as paying the school with the mahangu that she sold. He also credits his mother who earned a mere N$2,800.00 (working at a retail store) & sacrificed a lot to make sure that he was always taken care of up until he made a decision to step up to the plate shortly after moving to Windhoek. From writing policies for Legal Wise to packing Namibia Dairy products, Pius didn’t care about jobs that were frowned upon by his fellow peers. In a terrible stroke of luck, his life took a trying turn soon after his beloved grandmother, who laid a strong foundation for him passed away and his mother lost her job. It was heartbreaking.

One would assume or rather expect that that would have been the breaking point for him, however, it was the complete opposite. He felt more compelled than ever to prove the people, who expected him to drop out of university, wrong.

“I mean of course it was depressing at times, I always imagined my grandmother attending my graduation. But I knew that now more than ever, I had to complete my degree. I took it a step further by pursuing a master’s degree in law.

Pius’ astonishing results managed to score him a 3 year bursary from the Careers Expo in 2013. Knowing that this bursary would only cover his student fees until 2015, he needed to figure out a way to get funding for his final year.

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He then pushed himself to keep his results shining before applying for a Trustco bursary and when he was called for an interview, he told his emotional truth striving to prove that he was a deserving candidate. Not only was he funded with N$25,000.00 but almost immediately after 2016, he was awarded a fully funded scholarship by the MasterCard Foundation to pursue his master’s degree.

“Sometimes I feel like I am a lucky child.”

We beg to differ.

Pius turned his blood, sweat and tears into something extremely untouchable. His praying mother always allowed him to dream big, till this day, she is and always will be his pillar of strength as she still make him feel extremely special. It’s safe to say that he continues to dream, something that will remain crucial for the future of the youth of our nation.

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