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Tea with the editor
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Tea with the editor


Being a wordsmith goes far beyond just being a skilled user of words.

I’d like to think of all writers, those who are truly passionate about writing, as wordsmiths, because writing goes beyond just putting words together, it is a skill.

As a writer you essentially write the script for your reader’s imagination, you direct what they imagine your story looks like.

Do they imagine the sun disappearing behind a heap of desert sand or do they see a golden sun kissing the dune tops as it gives way for the moon and stars to illuminate the sky.

As a writer, one also falls in love with knowing any and everything about words. Their meaning, definition, origin, the entire etymology.

I have personally fallen in love with researching words, to the extent of getting their meanings in other languages, how they are used and their relation to any of the languages I speak.

For those familiar with my writing, whether in my editor’s notes, extended Instagram posts, guest editorials, you would be familiar with the journeys I take.

I’ve shared extensively about my two year journey of understanding unconditional love, my journey of self-forgiveness and the ongoing journey of growth.

So when I recently embarked on a journey of intention, it made sense to know what exactly is meant by intention.

I’ve read books, listened to sermons and several podcasts on intentional living.

I however needed to actually go on the journey, actually practice intention.

Now without even going to the dictionary, I understood the word as doing something with resolve. I understood it to be doing something and being someone with a purpose. Not just “by-the-way”.

What immediately came to my mind is the phrase “cease to exist and actually live”.

I immediately also realised that the idea of intention had always intrigued me and that it only made sense to go on the journey.

Why the journey of intention?

An absolutely important question.

How many times have you done something just because it is deemed a norm to do it. How many times do we say things just because we are expected to say it?

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When you ask someone how they are, do we ask with the intention of really wanting to know how the person is and actually wanting to do something about it because that is what is normal.

I can list many scenarios.

When you send a person HBD as a birthday message, is your intention to wish them happiness on the day they celebrate their birth or is just because it has become a norm and that is what is expected of you.

My journey of intention cemented the principles of being genuine that I fortunately always held dear.

I’m learning many new lessons too.

Lessons of listening intentionally, doing intentionally and doing intentionally.

When I speak, what is my intention with what I am saying. When I elect to call or visit a friend, am I doing intentionally and what is that intention.

I truly believe that so much uneasiness, confusion and burden can be done away with when we do things intentionally our actions are purposed.

It starts with the little things. A greeting, the things we say, when we start being intentional with the smallest things, we can surely grow into doing and saying everything intentionally.

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