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Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
Coffee Conversation with Anita
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The Author’s Audit
Coffee Conversation with Anita

The Author’s Audit

Auditing being an examination of documents, accounts, and books, the national urban radio station known as Fresh Fm that is the number 1 source of music, entertainment, and news in Namibia had recently launched a segment on the 5th of August 2021 called “Author’s Audit”. Radio presenter and author Delila Katanga describes the segment as reflecting herself as an author while reviewing other authors.

The segment is inspired by an evidential realization gap between authors and the public. It is often said that we don’t have a reading culture but  Katanga together with her Fresh Fm team has come to observe that people love to read. This, thus sent them on a creative hunt for ways they could make people more aware of the pool of seasoned local writers the country possesses’, creating opportunities for them to reach the mass audience.

Moreover, the segment is about allowing listeners to get to know Namibian Literature with the aim of authors being acknowledged for their hard work, through their hard work. In addition, not only does it shed light on the authors we have in the country, but it also allows local literature and narratives to take precedence. “I remember a little girl reading one of my novella’s and her aunt came back to tell me that the child was so amazed to see local street names and stories in the book, until then, she had thought books were only written by other countries”, says Katanga.

During the segment, a certain author’s voice recording will be played as they read a climactic part of their book, followed by an overall review of the book and the effect it has on the readers. Authors around the country are encouraged to reach out to be featured on the segment by emailing a copy of their book along with a one-minute-long recording to delila@freshfm.com.na.

Although the primary focus is on local authors at the moment, poets are also encouraged to send their work, and the future expansion of the segment will see international features as well. The segment is said to air every Thursday at 08:10 am on Fresh Fm, so do tune in and enjoy Namibian Literature!

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Follow Fresh Fm @freshfmnamibia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram & Delila Katanga @lila_kat on Instagram, and @delilakatanga on Facebook to check out their social media. You can also check out Authors Audit podcasts on https://freshfm.com.na/go/podcast/    

Written By: Claudia Diana Indileni Nandumbu

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