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The Health Hub

10 Truths Why Exercise is great for us!

The last thing on our minds is waking up at 5 AM to simply shake our body out of a slumber. It’s easier to just roll over and go back to sleep. 

For some reason there are always 100 lies and excuses we tell ourselves everyday why we can’t do our daily exercise. I will literally have internal fights with myself when it comes to exercise. 

I won’t sugar-coat this: I hate exercise, I hate running, I don’t like wearing sports clothes, worse part of it all is having to wake up at 5AM all just in the name of getting fit. Now I have all the valid reasons, with the lockdown, to not even put on my running shoes. Where will I be running to?

The very rude awakening came five years ago, when my doctor friend examined and diagnosed me as pre-diabetic with high levels of uric acid. His next words cut deep: “Sue you are better than this, you of all people should know better. You know it’s time to change your lifestyle and diet”. 

I sat there numb and speechless. My eyes welling up. I then got enough composure to ask him if he is sure about my diagnosis. The truth is I already knew about my diagnosis, but I just needed someone else’s opinion and confirmation. 

Did I have any other choice but to make a deal with my love-hate-relationship with exercises? Not really, it was either I stepped up, looked pretty and got my feet into those running shoes or I spend the rest of my life on medication for being diabetic, with chronic gout. 

It took a whole big radical mind-set shift. I had to honestly look at every toxic trait in my life that was contributing to my becoming diabetic, and I found it. 

The ugly truth wasn’t so nice. But the real truth was that I couldn’t continue on the self destructive lifestyle any longer. 

Henceforth I needed the real truth about exercise.

  1. On top of my list, was changing the word exercise to “Sue’s Natural Healing Journey” on getting her Groove back! I realised that by just giving different names and meanings to things that we don’t like, can really do wonders for us. Hey it’s really all in the mind.
  2. The next thing was exploring different kinds of workouts that I really will enjoy doing everyday, without feeling like its “yak”.
  3. Discovering what time works best for me. I am more productive in the morning hours. So 5AM was great for me. Discover what time works for you.
  4. The venue was of outmost importance for me. I don’t like gyms. Outdoor workouts are best for me to keep consistency. I love the feel of fresh air on my face.
  5. Acquiring the right sports clothes is vital. You need the proper shoes, as not all “takkies” are ideal for workouts. The proper sports bra is very practical, so you don’t run the risk of hurting those precious goodies (sports bras are best for support during exercises. They maintain the integrity of the breast wall and shape of the breast. Too much intense movement can cause ligaments surrounding the breasts to stretch and tear. Much of this damage is irreversible.”- (Read more about the benefits of a Sports Bra at www.overstock.com)
  6. Get the right equipment. It doesn’t help if you go purchase an expensive treadmill, or  bicycle if all it will ever do is take up space and gather dust. Invest in something that will give your hard earned money’s worth and which you will actually use each day.
  7. The goal! I know most of you will say, this should have been on the top of the list. But we never do follow a list of rules in life (wink wink). See the thing is once you have all the tools to start your fitness journey, there will be no sexy excuses why you can’t do A,B,C. Now you have everything you need staring right back at you. So now you can set your goals. Why you want to do it, and what results you want to accomplish. Start with the end results first and the rest will follow.
Photo: Fit_Relly
  1. The health benefits
  • Builds your body’s ability to work at a maximum capacity by getting oxygen from the air into your body tissues 
  • Reduces blood pressure 
  • Lowers type two diabetes risk 
  • Maintains and boosts immune functioning 
  • Reduces body fat and assists in weight loss 
  • Strengthens bones and reduces the risk of arthritis  
  • Boosts your energy, mood and memory 
  • Improves your sex life – which will greatly benefit your relationship 
  • Helps you sleep better at night. Good for those who suffer from insomnia
  • Lowers anxiety, depression, stress and releases all the feel good hormones 
  1. Fitness regime we can play with now, as adapted from @ health.havard.edu.com
  • cycle around the whole yard if you own a bicycle or jog (hey we have to find ways to beat the system)
  • Dance and boogie to the rhythm of your beat (the zumba workout)
  • Dry the dishes – nice way to tone your arms 
  • Cut your vegetables – hands, wrist and arms benefits 
  • Swimming if you have a pool. 
  • Stand up while talking on the phone and pull, hold your tummy in and tighten hard your gluteus maximus. Do a count to 100
  • Time to dig out weed around the yard. The digging, weeding, and picking is great for the muscles 
  • If you live in a block of flats that have stairs, make use of it. Up and down. “Say it slowly” nice strong beautiful calves muscles and legs, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Dos Santos Aveiro or Tina Turner, beautiful sexy legs. It’s all about good motivation.
  • Wash some Windows – those flabby arms need to vamoosh  
  • Car wash Kasi-Vibe style. Wash your own car. It’s whole lots of fun and great workout
  • 30 minutes of moderate-intensive exercises daily
  • 30 minutes of resistance training to build muscle strength, twice a week 
Photo: Fit_Relly

Our approach to our fitness journey should come from a loving place. 

It should be like our side hustle for a healthy lifestyle. 

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Look at it like a wealthy business transaction: Health is Wealth! If we don’t invest in our health than there will be a huge deficit which will lead us into bankruptcy (illness and disease). 

Exercise, workout, fitness, getting your groove back, #MichaelObamaArms, whatever you decide to call it, should be our daily or weekly ritual. 

We should never bargain with our health, cause if we do the consequences can be deadly. So let’s embrace and welcome this as our survival tool. Incorporate fitness as your daily bread, and really enjoy and have loads of fun while doing it. Soon you will reap the rewards and the results will be all worth it. 

This article is not intended to diagnose or replace the need for medical treatment, but rather as an informative piece on our health and wellness education. Consult your doctor if you pregnant before undertaking an exercise program.

Photo: Fit_Relly

By: Dr. Suzana Malunga

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