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The Health Hub

Maintaining our Sassiness and Health 

Who would have ever thought that we would be confined to our homes for an uncertain period of time?

I for one never thought that I would have to exercise more than before – my greatest weakness is exercising. Maybe your challenge is eating meat 24/7, drinking an entire crate of Windhoek Lager every weekend or sitting on the couch binging on Netflix, without even doing as-much-as brushing your teeth or stepping into the shower for days on end. Yea, we see you on our surveillance cameras, with cute excuses that we not going anywhere mos under the lockdown.

Mbwae, hapo, why the hibe. So, must I bath, exercise and eat healthy food if we are under the lockdown?”

So asks Maria who hasn’t set foot out of her flat for the whole lockdown period, as I write this article. Hopefully this will change, inspire and motivate her and the rest of the masses who face the same “lockdown conspiracy theory”.

Being under major restrictions of movement, doesn’t mean our health, diet and nutrition should also be affected. If ever there was a good time to up our game and take better care of ourselves, it is right now, nie more nie. But vandag. We start today!

So here is how we are going to do it.


Detoxification means cleansing the blood. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and the skin. When these systems are compromised, impurities aren’t properly filtered and the body is adversely affected. It’s basically resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from inside out. Visit www.gaiam.com for more details.

By detoxing, we are renewing our body to perform at its optimal best, through eating healthy, rest, exercise and taking care of our mental health as well.

Detoxing is made up of what we call the three-leg-bine-pot: health, exercise and nutrition.

In this article we focus only on health, with the two remaining on the subsequent articles to follow.

We take it slow one step at a time, no “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” here we don’t rush through things, the aim is to transform our body, and mindsets to perform at its optimal levels.

The benefits of detoxing

  • Boost energy levels
  • Support digestion and weight management 
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Strengthen immune system 
  • Improves mood

Symptoms that show your body needs a detox

  • Unexplained tiredness 
  • Sluggishness 
  • Irritated skin
  • Allergies 
  • Low grade infection 
  • Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes
  • Menstrual problems
  • Mental block

Ways to detox

  1. Fruit and vegetables detox

Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable fruit helps the body create a healthier environment and boost energy level, it also gives our digestive system a break and helps the body absorb nutrients better than eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables you can eat are cucumbers, spinach, carrots beetroot, celery, fresh ginger and parsley. 

Apples, lemons, oranges, lime are a good choice for fruit.

Recipes for a good detox juice: Blend 1 cup of Spinach, 10 slices of cucumber, 2 celery stakes, 1/2 lemon, 1 Apple and 1-2-inch ginger together and drink up. Yummy!

Or blend cucumber slices, ginger, two carrots, 1 apple and 1 whole beetroot

  1. Smoothies 

These are full of nutrients and flavour. It makes an essential part of our breakfast reign and a great starter pack for the day ahead. It also helps with food and sugar cravings.

For your breakfast smoothie, raw oats, banana and a dase of natural honey or any fruit of your choice with avocado and spinach should do the trick. Don’t be shy to visit professor Google for some smoothie inspiration.

Sugar detox

Now this is our biggest enemy of progress, hard and stubborn to eliminate. We mostly struggle with removing sugar-based foods from our diet. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, Diabetes, heart disease, increased cholesterol, rots the teeth, effects our sleeping patterns, mental health affecting mood imbalances, anxiety, depression, and accelerates aging. It has also been linked to some cancers as it effects our immune function.

Reference here is the added sugar we get from processed foods and drinks. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 6 teaspoon of sugar per day for woman and no more than 9 teaspoons of sugar per day for men. Other foods that are high in added sugar are,

See Also

  • Cooldrinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, juices and Alcohol 
  • Candy/ sweets
  • Cookies, cakes and biscuits 
  • Pastries and doughnuts 
  • Dairy desserts, ice creams 

The goal is to go on a 21-day challenge, you can fellow @Rise Woman on Instagram for great tips on how to do the challenge.

# no alcohol 

# no sugar

# no red meat

# No gluten or wheat, no white bread or pasta

# 2-3 litters of water per day

# 21 different kinds of workouts or exercises for 30 minutes a day 

Whatever you decide to do, try and go through a Detoxification process to cleanse your body, use this as the perfect time and opportunity to do it as we are at home with no distractions or temptations from Sofia at work, who insists we grab something to eat every half-an-hour.

You can detox for 2-5 days, or once every week, just eating fruits and vegetables, or have a strictly vegetarian meal for the day. The health benefits are tremendous and all worth it.

Consult your doctor or health practitioner before embarking on a detoxification journey or any health program especially if you are on any chronic medication, or taking any herbal supplements. Pregnant, breastfeeding women and children are advised against doing a detoxification program.

The information shared here is for educational purposes and should not substitute seeking medical advice or treatment.

*Not real names

By: Dr. Suzana Malunga

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