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The world of food blogging
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The world of food blogging

Ever since arguably the first food blog was written in 2002 about New York City Pizza by Adam Kuban, an American writer and editor, food blogging has soon grown into a huge, lucritive industry. 

Blogging is somewhat like keeping a journal you share with the world. You give all your little tips and tricks and you make everything unique to you. Over the years food blogging has evolved into a complex platform where professional chefs and food lovers voice their opinions and love their food out loud.

We’ve narrowed the industry down to these categories, to better understand the food blogging world.

  • Recipe blogs
  • Cooking blogs
  • Healthy eating blogs  
  • Restaurant review blogs
  • Food photography 

Recipe blog 

These blogs consist of mainly cooking recipes the author prepares themselves and share with the rest of the world.

Recipe bloggers can range from preparing delicacies the coolest drinks.


Ester Kocht 

A Namibian recipe food blogger is Ester Kocht, she currently resides in Germany with her husband and daughter. It’s clear she has a passion for hearty meals as she cooks mainly warm meals and desserts. Looking at her very stylish website Most of the dishes meals we would have for a dinner at home.

Her Namibian dishes range from vetkoek, ombidi to braai meat and all her recipes are super easy to follow. 

She has gluten free, low carb and vegetarian options too, so she makes sure she caters to everyone. 

Cooking Blog 

These blogs seem similar to recipe blogs but the difference is that Cooking blogs usually concentrate on one type of cuisine.

  • Traditional dishes 
  • National recipes 

Instead of concentrating on just recipes, cooking blogs focus on cooking techniques, cultures and traditions. 

It’s always interesting to see bloggers add a touch of their own into the recipe, because that makes it unique to them and we all love something different every now and again. 

Healthy Eating Blogs 

These blogs are vegan blogging, vegetarian blogging and overall health-conscious eating. 

Healthy eating bloggers need to really understand their topic because they advise people on how to be healthier. They cover a wide range of topics and sometimes incorporate fitness into their blogs, because health and fitness go hand in hand. So, to be a healthy eating and fitness blogger, one needs to put in the research and work. 


Nuno ‘s Fit Foods 

Nuno Pereira is a young Namibian food and fitness blogger on Instagram. He gives us recipes on quick and easy-to-make healthy meals. His recipes also provide calorie and protein counts as well as how much fat you are consuming in the meal. 

Restaurant Review Blog 

These kinds of blogs also require a lot of admin. Bloggers need to do background research and set up an evaluation criterion. This is done so that the blogger knows exactly what they’re getting into and are able to compare what they read up on and the restaurant experience they’re having. 

See Also


Where to eat Namibia 

A group of friends came together and created a restaurant blog called ‘Where to Eat’. On this blog they give you various eating out options in Namibia, accompanied by the establishments closing time and contact details. This idea was super convenient for everyone everywhere, because now instead of taking a wild card with any restaurant out there, you can get a real idea and an opinion on what the restaurant is really like. 

Food Photography Blog

Almost anyone can start this kind of blog as long as you have a good eye for good food and good quality camera. 

Most of us are somewhat food bloggers on our social media platforms. Food photography is all about getting the right angles and making the food look as yummy as possible. On some websites, little to no text is necessary for this kind or blogging as all the attention is on the photographs.


Namibian Foodie 

This food photography blogger takes us on a journey with shots of his meals as he goes to different restaurants around town.

As social media continues to grow, so does food blogging. It’s really easy to start and we all have special recipes here and there that we’d like to share with the world.

By: Ndapewa Nombanza

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