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Thoughts on “Silencing the gun” by some of Southern Africa’s Pre-Selected candidates for Miss Career Africa 2020.
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Thoughts on “Silencing the gun” by some of Southern Africa’s Pre-Selected candidates for Miss Career Africa 2020.


My name is Ester Shifotoka from the land of high sand dunes, mountains and sea, Namibia. Celebrating Africa has been a part of my life since I was born. Most of our traditional songs are praising the beauty and wealth of Africa, imagine that beautiful rich orange sunset transitioning into so many other beautiful colors as the sun set, melodious sounds of birds singing on trees and the flow of rivers from all corners and a group of girls singing and dancing to the African drum.This is the Africa I know. Today, there has been an invasion of a weapon with a sharp unwelcoming sound, a weapon that takes lives and brings sadness, a weapon that sheds blood and shatter dreams a weapon that does not belong here. Africa, let us take charge in silencing the guns, let us revive the happy sounds of Africa, peace, unity and most of all love. Although we are faced with so many troubles today, such as COVID-19 and other deadly diseases, mother Africa hears our cries and she is comforting us. We love Africa.

I am Gift Somakwabe from South Africa. A quote by Nkrumah says:” I am an African, not because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me”. Our continent is blessed with its wonderful people, minerals and resources. We are greater together than we are apart. Let us silence the guns and focus on what will create a greater generation. Let love lead. As we are facing a difficult time due to the Covid-19, we ought to take time and think about how precious life is and have gratitude for the little things that others don’t have right now during this pandemic. May the lives that have been lost Rest In Peace and for those still able to another day, may we find healing and peace.

I am Nomonde Sigawuke, uGasa,uSomaphunga,uZwide,uLanga, uNdwande, from Zimbabwe and I am against  the use of guns against each other as Africans. We are currently  facing a pandemic which has disrupted health systems and left most economies in  jeopardy. Now is not the time to be fighting each other, but the time to hold hands and fight this threat together. As some economies are still struggling and trying to resuscitate and some of our family members are in the forefront of this pandemic as medical staff, we ought to offer our relief, keep safe and be there for one another. Let’s us create the Africa that our forefathers fought for. And as Nelson Mandela once said, “I dream of an Africa which is in peace with it self”, let’s continue to put peace, love and ubuntu in the forefront as we so richly need it right now. We are Africa. We are Ubuntu. We are One. We will be alright.

I am Prudence Maloka, proudly an African before I am a South African. Let us unite in creating a conflict free  Africa through silencing of the guns. I am a firm believer of African black excellence, alone you can go faster but together we can go farther! Africa, our time is now. The world is currently facing this killer enemy today, we need to come together and fight it, to those that have left us because of this enemy “Covid19” may your precious souls Rest In Power. We will conquer! Africa liberation day 2020!

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Nelisiwe Bianca Ntuli  South Africa, I reiterate my dedication to advocating for effective preventive strategies to end gun violence once and for all. In the face of the rising tensions and the widespread of small arms and light weapons I call on everyone to join in to build conditions that will make world peace more likely. We all know that the road to building peace goes through ending conflicts and silencing the guns. With so much happening regarding the COVID-19, we have experience the most traumatic times and the best way to end all of it is by standing up together as African and making our continent a better place for everyone.

I am nothabo ncube from Zimbabwe, Africa is my title, my mark. The pride we have for Africa is in our blood, it runs through our veins. The pride we have is in our strong family ties and the deep connection in our community. Not forgetting how strong, resiliant and diverse we are. Our sense of “UBUNTU ” has held us together. Nonetheless, having been united in our different and diverse cultures violence has been the order of the day in some parts of Africa. Our main call and purpose is to Silence the Gun!! .We do not need guns to bring peace we need love and compassions. And again during this devastating time of this pandemic Covid 19,let us unite Africa and be our brother’s keeper for we are stronger together.

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